It’s Tesar Day: John Tesar is Launching a Double Decker Burger Bus

Yes, he’s gone mad…again. John Tesar is expanding (and repositioning) his Commissary gourmet burger concept, surrendering control of his original Commissary, and rolling out a double decker burger bus to serve his Commissary Burgers on the road.

“I’ve already bought it,” Tesar told me early this week. Tesar says it’s a double decker bus, just like the ones in London, which he’s outfitting to serve his CVap gourmet burgers, the same ones he serves at the Commissary.

“I’m designing the bus, hiring the staff, doing the menu,” Tesar told the Hatch. “Same menu, same burgers, but it’s a mobile Commissary.”

And he plans to launch it in March or early April.

Wonder if he’ll park it outside of his newest concept, which you can read about here.