Lockhart BBQ Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Looking to Expand

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owners jeff and jill bergus

Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff celebrated its one year anniversary with a Friends and Family party yesterday, throwing down a whole hog, tons of sausage and big helpings of everything else to about 70 invited guests.

“It’s been a hectic year,” admitted co-owner Jill Bergus. Her husband, co-owner Jeff Bergus, told me that they’re looking to open a second Dallas location “soon.”

(I spotted Lockhart Smokehouse co-owner Tim McLaughlin in the crowd, which also included members of the Texas BBQ Posse and Pecan Lodge owners Justin and Diane Fourton, though I didn’t run into Full Custom BBQ chief Daniel Vaughn.)

Know who else is looking at adding a second– and maybe a third– location?

Pecan Lodge, whose Dallas Farmers Market store is the darling of the Dallas barbecue scene. Owners Justin (‘cue master) and Diane Fourton (banana pudding temptress) also told me they’re sniffing for the right spot around Dallas, especially East Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine and North Dallas.