Nosh Plano Opens with New Old Chef, Lunch, Big Community Table

<strong>Avner Sameuel has pulled the curtain back on his newest Nosh Euro Bistro, in Plano, with a big 24-seat community table front and center, a wine room for private dining and a sleek chef’s counter right up front . With a sudden chef change last week, Nosh’s executive chef, Jon Stevens (great guy, really talented), is on the line in Plano. If you’re a fan of the original Nosh, you’ll love this new one–and the one planned for Austin. (Chef Andrew Bell is in charge at the original Dallas Nosh.)

The Plano Nosh is open every day for lunch and dinner, plus a weekend brunch.

Here’s what the place looks like:

no matter how much junk you have in your trunk, it'll fit at this community table!

chef jon stevens runs the kitchen!

daily specials!

new! improved! better than the original!

Nosh Euro Bistro, Plano, 4701 West Park Blvd.