Go Hog Wild at Whole Pig Roast — Just $16– at Veritas Sunday, September 2

Can it be as good as these ribs from Central BBQ in Memphis?

Brothers Brooks and Bradley Anderson are taking a break from Boulevardier to team with Nosh/ Snack’s Avner Samuel and Jon Stevens to celebrate Labor Day weekend in style. Turning their considerable attention to their Veritas project, the Andersons and the Nosh guys are roasting a whole hog, serving it up with at least a couple of killer sides: shaved Brussels sprouts with Bleu cheese slaw, bacon and black currants; and watermelon, tomato and Feta salad with pickled red onions, mint, basal and balsamic syrup.

The whole hog thing will set you back just $16, plus a couple of bucks more if you want a pint of the yet-to-be-named Deep Ellum Brewing beer they’re also previewing.

Will it be as good as Cochon 555 in Memphis this weekend? Don’t know. We’ll have to compare notes when I return from the River City. But I’m betting it will be pretty darn good.