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FT33 Makes GQ’s List of 50 Best Things To Eat

So there I was, sipping my morning coffee and flipping through Alan Richman’s list of “Trophy Dishes” in the just released August issue of GQ Magazine, when it hit me: I’d sure like a bowl of celery-root soup with a rye crouton and some hay oil.

Not just any celery-root soup. Not just any hay oil. I’d want the same soup and hay oil shown on page 107. The same bowl that gave pause to Alan Richman. It would need to be Matt McCallister’s celery-root soup, rye crouton, malted barley and hay oil. Alan Richman, GQ’s esteemed restaurant critic, calls it Trophy Dish #26 on his list of the 50 Best Things to Eat, Sip, Chew, Devour & Drink Right Now.

“Chef Matt McCallister’s soup, luscious enough to stand alone, is uplifited with tiny croutons and crumbs of malted barley that sit atop it, circumnavigating the rim,” writes Richman. “Within the circle floats a drizzle of hay-infused grapeseed oil…because it adds a grassy note. He most likely could have gotten the same effect from using simple olive oil, but who ever heard of a star chef doing things the easy way?”

I knew Richman had eaten at FT33 and later sent a photographer. This soup partially explains why. The rest of the reason? Well, we’ll have to wait a few more months to find out.



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