Velvet Taco WTF (Weekly Taco Feature) Honors Memory of Rusty Fenton of Rusty Taco

John Franke, the top taco at Velvet Taco, sends word that Velvet Taco will be honoring the memory and contributions of restauranteur Rusty Fenton with a Weekly Taco Feature (WTF), a Velvety Taco spin on Rusty’s #9 taco. Fenton, who founded Rusty Taco and Uncle Julio’s, died recently.

Velvet Taco will donate $2 to Fenton’s daughters’ educational trust fund for each WTF taco sold this week.

“It will be in a house made corn tortilla with slow roasted achiote pork shoulder, avocado crema, grilled pineapple, queso fresco, fresh cilantro and pickled red onions,” says Franke.  “Our goal is to sell 500 of these to reach a $1000 goal.”