Raw milk cheeses from Texas’ Eagle Mountain Farmhouse now at Sigel’s

You probably read about it first in 360 West Magazine: Attorney Dave Eagle gave up lawyering to make raw milk cheeses with his son in Granbury. Now those Eagle Mountain Farmhouse cheeses — made from unpasteurized (“raw)” milk then aged between two months and several years–are ready for sale. Sigel’s Addison stocks their cheese case with many of them.

Made from organic milk from naturally grazed Brown Swiss dairy cows, these cheeses are available in limited in quantities at the Addison Sigel’s store.. Here’s the list:

Granbury Gold – Young Gouda style, Sale $16.99reg $18.99

Textbook Gouda – fresh and mild, buttery, rich and creamy, with a slightly nutty and sweet finish. Smooth, pliant texture. Aged 2-4 months.


Granbury Vintage – Aged Gouda Style, Sale $17.99, reg $19.99

Deeper in color and sharper than the Granbury Gold. Concentrated notes are evident on the nose with layers of earth and sherry mingled with a pleasant baked apple fruit. The color ranges from darker gold at the edges to medium gold in the center etched with minute holes. Crunchy glutamate crystals near the rind add fantastic texture and intensity. Aged 7 months.

Sandia Tesas – Gouda Style Flavored with Hatch Chilies, Sale $19.99reg $21.99

Sandia grade Hatch Chilies are more  concentrated and assertively flavored than the ubiquitous Big Jim grade usually shipped into Texas. Each year Dave travels to New Mexico to hand select  only the best Sandias to flavor this unique and amazing seasonal cheese.

Birdville Reserve – Trappist Style, Washed Rind, Sale $19.99reg $21.99

Pungent nose of spice, sherry, nutmeg, moss and loam. Texture is medium firm, but very creamy and sweet on the palate. Milky and savory on the long complex finish. Gold Medal/First Place winner at the annual American Cheese Society Competition.

Drunken Monk – Trappist Style, Whiskey Washed Rind,Sale, $19.99reg $21.99

This Bourbon washed cheese is redolent with earthy, winey aromas made more complex with intruiging notes of cinnamon, creme brulee and leaf mold. Medium firm and supple, creamy texture with a buttery flavor. Subtle and powerful at the same time.

Tomme de Hood – Tomme Style,Sale $19.99reg $22.99

Pleasant nose of cream and butter punctuated by intense notes of spice and earth. Firm texture, but creamy on the palate. Slightly herbaceous on the finish with hints of hazelnut. Most Tommes are identified by their place of origin. Since Granbury is located in Hood County, Texas (named after General Hood of Civil War fame), Dave decided to name his Tomme de Hood.