Seats to this month’s $65 “Sunday Supper” wine dinner at Nick & Sam’s on January 26 are almost gone

Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller

Everything tastes better with duck fat

Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-10

$400 steaks. Nick & Sam’s served 4 of them at the last Sunday Supper.

Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-2

Sunday Supper menu at Nick & Sam’s from December

Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-6 Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-8 Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-7 Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-5 Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-3

Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-11

timapno, from the movie Big Night

Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-12 Nick Sams sunday supper by MIchael Hiller-9

Cooking steaks can get boring. Eating steaks? Never. But cooking, well, steakhouse chefs tell me that gets a little old. So the cheffy folks at Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse are trying to keep things fresh in the kitchen by going hog (or cow or duck) wild on the last Sunday of every month, and you and I are invited to jump in. It’s called Sunday Supper. Trust me: you want to a seat at this table. The pics above are from the last Sunday Supper, December 28. Take a look at that menu. You could have been there.

Samir Dhurandhar, the top chef at Nick & Sam’s growing empire, sets the bar both high (for the chefs) and low (for you and me). Each of his chefs gets to  cook Sunday Supper for 25 guests, with no restrictions on the type of maximum number of courses he can cook for the crowd. Each guests pays just $65 for the meal, and that includes some mighty fine wines. Dhurandhar calls it Sunday Supper, and he’s held three so far. The last one, I think, was the best, but mainly because Samir and I both cooked it for a sell-out crowd that we allowed to overflow to 38 (EscapeHatch fans are rabid eaters, we’ve learned).

The three Sunday Suppers so far have included no fewer than 14 courses, though the rule is there can’t be fewer than five. The highlights have included a roasted suckling pig, cassoulet, timpano (that legendary Italian dish made famous by the movie Big Night), risotto covered with a pound of Alba truffles, 100-day aged prime porterhouse steaks, crazy-good snapper…you get the picture. Ryan Tedder usually stops by with a handful of excellent wines pulled from Grailey’s extensive cellar (First Growths and old wines among them).

But the Sunday Supper I’m most excited about is the one planned for January 26. That’s because chef Tomohiro Inoue, the sushi chef at N&S’s, is throwing down one heck of an authentic Japanese meal. Here’s his menu, but I’d bet there’s a lot more planned than just that.

Chef Tomohiro Inoue’s menu for the January Sunday Supper at Nick & Sam’s

You are going to need a reservation, because more than half the seats are already gone.

Ring Nick & Sam’s for a reservation. Dinner starts at 6:30. You will not leave hungry or disappointed.

3008 Maple Ave  Dallas, (214) 871-7444