Tom Spicer’s and chef Graham Dodds’ “Outstanding in the Field” October 11 F2T dinner on sale today

Farm to Table is no big deal anymore. Now, it’s Farm with a Table. No one does FwT that better than Outstanding in the Field, the California-based organization that brings you to your food and the farmers who produced it.

OITF hosts about 9o dinners in farms around the country, linking people, chefs and farmers in farm settings – even in the middle of cities. To whit: Dallas’ Tom “Spiceman” Spicer’s farm. an urban farm which barely accommodates the long table set up for the October 11 dinner.

Farmer/produce guy Tom Spicer Spiceman’s FM 1410) and chef Graham Dodds (Hibiscus) will host this year’s Dallas OITF dinner  in Spicer’s field. Dodds will bring his cheffy talent, lots of good food and his local honey, minus the honeybees.

Tickets go on sale this afternoon here.