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That cookbook we told you chefs Dean Fearing and Eric Dreyer were secretly writing? It’s out!

In June last year, we revealed a secret:  chefs Dean Fearing and Eric Dreyer, the two top toques at Fearing’s restaurant in the Dallas Ritz-Carlton, were working on a new cookbook slated for release in April or May this year. Well, they’re right on track.

Dean Fearing’s Texas Food Bible: Recipes and lore from the Lone Star State” ($30)  is available for pre-order now via this Amazon link and will be released for shipping on April 29.

“We’ve been traveling around to local farms for photo shoots,” Dreyer told the Hatch last June.  “There will be a few recipes from Fearing’s, but it’s really a collection of recipes that home cooks will want to make at home, with a few restaurant twists. Lots of pictures and clear instructions. We’re even walking the home cook through a step-by-step photo essay of how to make our tortilla soup.”

As we wrote last year, Fearing included homages to two of his Texas chef friends: Stephan Pyles and Robert Del Grande, including recipes for Pyles’  “Son of a Bitch” chili and a grilling recipe from Del Grande. Pyles, who owns Stephan Pyles, Samar and Stampede 66 in Dallas, and Del Grande, who owns Houston’s once-lauded Cafe Annie (now Bar Annie) and the Grove, were both  founders with Fearing and two others of what became known as Southwestern Cuisine in the 1980s.

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