heirloom tomato salad NIck & Sam's steakhouse Sunda Supper

Recap: Nick & Sam’s last-of-summer monthly Sunday Supper


I’ve told you a few times about Nick & Sam’s monthly Sunday Supper, a family-style affair that’s held in a private back room of the steakhouse restaurant on the last Sunday of each month. Last weekend was that Sunday.

At each Sunday Supper, top chef Samir Dhurandhar lets each of his staff chefs choose a theme, then serve an outrageous dinner along those lines. Paired with wines, the whole shebang is just $65. All you need to do to attend is snag a reservation in advance. Sometimes 20 people show up. Sometimes 60. Regardless, there’s always more that enough food and booze to go around.

Chef Wil Larsen created, cooked and served a doozy this month: a last salute to summer. The best barbecue you’ve ever attended? This would have been it. Suckling pig (!), banana pudding with Fluffernutter (!), fried okra, house made bacon, tobacco onion chipotle slaw (!). Check out the menu. Pretty easy to match an image in the gallery above to the description in the menu. Straightforward, expertly prepared and delicious. Best $65 meal in Dallas.

Come join us at the next one. (The theme is an exploration of true Mexican cuisine.)