Spotlight: Remedy, a modern soda shop/diner worth a visit

Unlike every other bar and restaurant on Lower Greenville Avenue, the house specialties at Remedy are all Southern charmers: fountain sodas (both unleaded and fuel-injected) and coffee counter staples like chunky pimiento cheese, cheeseburgers, pot pies and fried chicken. To be fair, though, few Formica diners would ever go to the same trouble as Remedy, which makes their soda bases and cocktail tinctures from scratch, employs wagyu beef in their burgers, and confits then deep fries their Amish chicken to crisp it. Beyond the updated classics, the bar makes a helluva good egg creme and ice cream float. If you can’t force yourself to eat dessert first (the coconut custard pie will make you swoon), then begin with a plate of the city’s best shrimp and grits, whose one-two punch comes from a swirl of smoked shrimp butter and a shave of sharp cheddar.

2010 Greenville Ave., Dallas, 469-294-4012