UPDATE: Perigord and Alba truffles to star in chef Terry Cook’s dinner at Dallas Palm steakhouse

UPDATE: The dinner has been postponed until January

What’s black and white and red all over? The truffle dinner at the Dallas Palm this Friday, December 18, when red wines, prime beef, French Perigord truffles and Italian white Alba truffles all share top billing.

Terry Cook, the exec chef at the Dallas Palm, says the five-course menu includes Silver Oak Napa cabs, chianti from Ruffino, and truffles imported by Daniel Wissman, the “Master Truffler” and owner of Dallas-based importer Belbosco Truffles.

If you haven’t been to the Palm in a while (I hadn’t either), you owe it to yourself to check out Cook’s menu, which he updates regularly. The guy can flat out cook.

 $375++. 701 Ross Ave., Dallas, (214) 698-0470 (main). For truffle dinner reservations, LZuckerman@thepalm.com or (214) 698-0491.