Fun dinner with a killer menu planned for Tim Byres’ “No Kid Hungry” fundraiser dinner tomorrow


Smoke Restaurant in Dallas and its co-owner/chef, Tim Byres, are throwing down a multi-course, multi-chef dinner on June 9 to benefit No Kid Hungry. Participating chefs include byres, Marlene Duke of The Theodore (Dallas), Ford Fry of Ford Fry Restaurants (Atlanta & Houston), Jesse Griffiths Of Dai Due Butcher Shop & Supper Club (Austin) and Taylor Bowen Ricketts of Sela Cooking, Fan & Johnnys (Greenville, MS). The event includes a live auction. The whole thing begins at 6 pm. $250 per person. Tickets and more intel here.

Byres sends along this menu to torture us, hoping that we wisely channel our pain into ticket purchases:

Reception | chef tim byres 

Pimento cheese croquette

Smoked trout toast

Roasted oyster with ash salsa

Bbq grilled quail

Smoked suasage with spicy mustard


First course | chef taylor bowen ricketts

Confit sugar beet salad with farro risotto, crispy greens, shaved country ham, garlic chips, and goat cheese


Second course | chef ford fry 

Louisiana sweet corn cappelletti with summer black truffles


Third course | chef jesse griffiths

braised wild boar with creamer peas and mint


Fourth course | chef marlene duke

Fire roasted peach with chardonnay caramel, white chocolate, and almond cake