Samir Dhurandhar is cooking Indian food for Nick & Sam’s Sunday Supper this weekend. Here’s how to snag a seat.

The uber-talented chef and co-owner of Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse is cooking a special Sunday Supper for his monthly eat-till-your-full family affair this weekend: specialties of his native India.

That means dishes like Dhaka-style crisp halibut with red chiles and sesame seeds, lobster kebabs with mint and basil, Madagascar prawns with garam masala, duck curry with foie gras, lamb with plum chutney, soft shell crabs, shellfish biryani and about a dozen more. Yes, I’m serious. You will not leave hungry.

In a nutshell, you and 45 of your (new) best friends gather around a single long table set up in a private dining room at Nick & Sam’s. Then the fun begins: Waiters place large platters of food along the length of the table, serving several courses throughout an evening that culminates with desserts that will leave you bug-eyed. Beers and wines flow freely. The meals follow a culinary theme orchestrated by one of the restaurant’s chefs; sometimes it’s French, sometimes Italian, but always delicious. This month, it’s an exploration of India, and Samir is doing the cooking.

We’ve raved about these Sunday Suppers many times because they are not only a blast but also the best meal in the city that night. They’re served on the last Sunday of each month and require an advance reservation because they always sell out. Always.

Lobster, duck, giant prawns, lamb, soft shell crabs and wines for $65?? Who else is crazy enough to host a dinner like that?

“This isn’t about making money,” Dhurandhar told me. “This is about our chefs having fun cooking and about showing our guests that we serve a lot more than steak at this steakhouse.”

The action starts at 7 p.m. Sunday, August 28. $65 (including selected beers and wines), plus tax and gratuity.