Book NOW for Nick & Sam’s Sunday Supper this weekend, January 29, featuring world’s most super-premium Japanese beef plus a celebratory Chinese New Year menu

You wouldn’t expect super premium Japanese prime beef to appear on a Chinese-themed menu, but Nick & Sam’s steakhouse is no ordinary restaurant.

On the last Sunday of each month, the Dallas steakhouse hosts a Sunday Supper, a celebratory, multi-course dinner served family style and featuring a themed menu that ventures way beyond steaks and red wines.

Forty, sixty, sometimes eighty people sit at a long table set up in Nick & Sam’s posh private dining room and tuck into a meal prepared by chef/owner Samir Dhurandhar and one of his chefs and served family style. Waiters serve big platters of prime beef, fresh veggies, flavorful salads and a crazy number of sides, each playing to a single cuisine. One month it may be Northern Indian, another might be French, the next might be Italian. All of it is good.

This month, on Sunday, January 29, the staff will be clucking about Chinese, since 2017 is the Year of the Rooster.

Dhurandhar and chef Robert Clifford will be presenting a menu you don’t want to miss. Peking duck, whole fried red snapper, char su pork belly steamed buns, king crab, octopus. And that’s not half of it. Dhurandhar, Clifford and retired chef Terrance Lau are putting a steakhouse twist on the evening, adding super-prime Japanese beef just for fun.

Take a look at that beef (above). That’s the most super-prime Japanese beef in the world, Hokkaido snow beef, so called because the marbling in that filet looks like snow.

Nick & Sam’s sells it for $63 an ounce and has no trouble selling ten or twenty pounds of it a week. Never tried it? Now’s your chance — it’s included in the amazing low price of the entire Sunday Supper — just $65, which included beer and wine.

No way the steakhouse makes a penny on this meal, so why would Dhurandhar also serve crazy-expensive beef and lose money? “Why the heck not,” is his answer.

Yes, you’ll need a reservation because these always sell out. Dinner starts promptly at 7 pm.

3008 Maple Ave  Dallas, (214) 871-7444.