John Tesar brings back Spoon, his lauded but closed seafood restaurant, at this Christmas Eve pop-up dinner in Dallas

Even though it’s 70 degrees outside, Christmas is still coming.  Toys, kids, carols, the Grinch, feasts.

And seafood. A seven-fish feast, to be precise. Yep, John Tesar is again bringing back a taste of his long-closed Spoon, the best seafood restaurant to ever grace Texas.

That’s because the Top Chef chef takes a break from Hallmark televisionprime beef, Smithfield pork and 44 Farms burgers to host a multi-course Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner each year. The Christmas Eve dinner derives  from the Roman Catholic custom of celebrating Christmas Eve with a shared meatless meal before midnight mass on December 24. Tesar says he has room for just twenty diners at his annual Feast, which kicks off at 7 p.m.

“The Feast of the Seven Fishes has been a long tradition in my family,” says Tesar. “My mother cooked everything from scratch, sourcing the seafood from fishmongers along the East Coast.”

So he’s carrying on the tradition and taking us with him.

$175 ($225 with wines), details and reservations here.