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Sprinkles is baking LTO cupcakes for St. Patricks Day, Women’s History Month and stress relief right now

You don’t have long to get your hands on one or a dozen Sprinkles special cupcake flavors available for a limited time only.

Why not swing by on your way home from work? We did.

Turns out the entire Hatch HQ crew (except the one keto fanatic) are all fans of Sprinkles, chocolate chips, raspberry cream, chocolate mint, cookies and sugar, so we agreed to tell you about their LTOs if they bought us a few Sprinkles treats. (Most of the HQ staff say we came out ahead on the deal.)

What kind of new lovin’ from the oven is popping out at Sprinkles in Plano and Dallas right now?

•Cookie Cupcakes: chocolate chips and yellow cake tucked into a cookie crust then topped with brown sugar frosting and crunchy cookie bits.

•St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cupcakes: chocolate cake dotted with mint dark chocolate M&M’s, and just to make sure you get the St. Patrick’s shamrock tie-in, there’s green mint frosting on top. Available until March 17th.

Women’s History Month white chocolate raspberry cupcakes: white wedding cake filled with a blast of raspberry compote inside, white chocolate frosting and raspberry swirls on the outside. Available until March 31. Bonus points to Sprinkles for donating 25 cents of each purchase to Step-Up, a national women empowerment organization helping young girls in under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential.

•Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Cupcakes: they say it’s vanilla cake stuffed with a core of crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. We say that’s neither a cupcake flavor nor delicious. Then they add white cheddar cheese frosting and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos crumbles. There’s no such thing as white cheddar cheese frosting. And even if there was, no way would it be delicious. Who cares that they’re available from March 18-24?

Our verdict: a unanimous endorsement of the white chocolate raspberry swirl cupcakes, which tasted like a cross between a decadent wedding cake and a raspberry cream cheese danish.

If we possessed better self-control, we would have saved half for breakfast tomorrow. But we don’t. Also, we know that Sprinkles has a cupcake ATM.

Know what’s even better than a Sprinkles cupcake? Sprinkles’ ice creams. Bakers might be crazy enough to bake a cupcake with Cheetos, but no dairy guy would do that, right?

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