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First Catch of Copper River Salmon Will Be Caught By Matt McCallister and Scott Romano, Served at FT33 and Nick & Sam’s Grille on Next Day

Chefs Matt McCallister (FT33) and Scott Romano (Nick & Sam’s, Nick & Sam’s Grille) are headed to Cordova, Alaska in mid-May to do a little Copper River salmon fishing. “Both chefs will travel to Cordova, Alaska to experience one of the first Copper River Salmon openers in May, where they will board a commercial fishing vessel to fish for Continue reading →


Hot Date: Best Cellars Fundraiser Dinner at Fearing’s on Thursday, May 9.

With charity fundraising season in full swing, we’re continuing to profile exceptional events around town. Next up: Best Cellars Dinner, a food and wine soiree benefiting Promise for a Cure and the T.J. Martell Foundation, a national nonprofit organization founded by musicians that funds research for leukemia, cancer and AIDS.