Hot Date: Sunday, September 23, David Uygur (Lucia) and Randall Copeland (Resto Ava) to Co-Host a Wine Dinner

This could be one fine meal: two of Dallas’ best chefs cooking a six-course wine dinner for just $85.

Chefs David Uygur of Lucia and Randall Copeland of Restaurant Ava are teaming up at this September 23 event at Resto Ava in Rockwall.

The list of old-world wine pairings and dinner menu aren’t out yet– Copeland promises they’re constructing it now — but having tasted what Copeland and Uygur can cook, I know this will be a fantastic dinner. Hope to see you there.

 Restaurant Ava, 108 S. Goliad, Rockwall, (469) 698-9920