Matt McCallister to host a series of monthly collaborative guest chef dinners beginning February 17

Maybe you’ve noticed, but there’s a whole movement of collaboration sweeping the nation’s trendiest indie restaurants. Rather than staying put in their own silos, chefs like Matt McCallister (FT33), Jason Dady (The Jason Dady Restaurant Group) and Seth Siegel-Gardner ( The Pass & Provisions) in Texas plus Lachlan Patterson ( Frasca) and Matthew Jennings ( Farmstead) are teaming up to share their tricks, cook together and create one-off menus that bring the taste of their restaurants to other cities.

In Dallas, McCallister is the ring leader, so it comes as no surprise that he’s corralled a bunch of his favorite chefs to come cook with him at FT33 for a series of collaborative dinners beginning next month. The once-monthly event will take place on the third Monday of each month and feature eight courses, half from McCallister and half from the guest chef.

$110 buys you a seat. $50 more adds wines. Here’s the lineup:

   FT33,   1617 Hi Line Drive, Suite 250,   214.741.2629