ACT FAST! Ebay selling SIX VIP PASSES to BBQ with Aaron Franklin for his (RED) dinner Monday, June 1


When John Tesar announced a week’s worth of top chefs would join him to raise money for (RED), a national charity that fights AIDS, he told me a couple of the 40-seat dinners would sell out fast. But what he didn’t tell me when I announced the dinners last week was that he was holding back some VIP passes to spend the day cooking, talking story and hanging out with Aaron Franklin, the James Beard Award winning dude who’s universally lauded for his secret BBQ skills.

If you have a man crush on Franklin or his meat (see the double speak there?), this may be the world’s best opportunity to get up close and personal with him without him throwing punches or his wife going bonkers. See, Franklin and Tesar are auctioning off six all-access passes (via Ebay) to spend some quality grill time with Aaron Franklin as he preps, cooks and babies the bbq he’s cooking for Monday night’s (RED) dinner at Knife in Dallas. The $150 fundraiser dinner sold out in hours, but each of these six passes buy a seat at the table, a signed cookbook, VIP star treatment, and FaceTime at the grill with Franklin. The bidding is underway now and lasts just a few hours. By 10 p.m., tonight, those tickets will be gone. Bidding starts at $250!   This really is smoking hot deal.…/Aaron-Franklin-Knife-VIP…/231577903794?

  • June 1: Aaron Franklin
  • June 2: Alex Stratta, of Tapas by Alex Stratta in Las Vegas; won the 1988 James Beard Award winner for Best Chef Southwest
  • June 3: Naomi Pomeroy, the chef and owner of Beast in Portland
  • June 4: Tim Rattray from  San Antonio smoked meat palace,  The Granary
  • June 5: Kris Morningstar, the chef and owner of  L.A. hot spot Terrine