Dallas chef Graham Dodds (Wayward Sons) to host big, fancy Grochau Cellars wine dinner Monday, January 23, with winemaker John Grochau

A year-and-a-half ago, while running the kitchen at the now-defunct Dallas restaurant Hibiscus, chef Graham Dodds hosted a sold-out wine dinner with an old friend. We were there, sipping and swirling some damn fine pinots, tempranillo and melon de Bourgogne. But John Grochau isn’t just any old friend from two decades earlier; he’s also a really talented winemaker and the owner of Grochau Cellars, a boutique winery in Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley.

Next Monday, January 23, Dodds and Grochau will again team up for a wine dinner at Wayward Sons, where Dodds is the exec chef (and co-owner). Four courses, five Grochau wines, $69++. Yep, you’ll need a reservation: (214) 828-2888. (And this time there’s no goat on the menu.)

The big, important question to ask Grochau: How’s your cab franc coming along?

Here’s the five-course lineup: