Yolk, new breakfast/lunch spot in Preston Center, breaks plenty of eggs without breaking the bank

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-18299″ src=”http://escapehatchdallas.com/wp-content/uploads/yolk-dallas-copyright-michael-hiller-8.jpg” alt=”” width=”900″ height=”848″/>  Breakfast, lunch and brunch rule the day at Yolk in Preston Center, the Chicago-based restaurant’s second Dallas location (the first is in One Arts Plaza). 

Whether you prefer yours fried, poached or scrambled, Yolk breaks more than a few eggs at a time (five-egg omelettes are the standard, though you can ask for fewer, or skip the yolks completely). 

Done up in a palette of bright whites and yellows (naturally), Yolk specializes in comfort foods and specialty juices served in generous portions.  As big and fluffy as those omelettes are, it’s the red velvet French toast (spread with nutella) and the buttery, griddled patty melt that that stole the show on our recent visit (we were invited guests).  Even better: with plenty of sub-$11 options, a meal here won’t break the bank.