Fort Worth’s Reata restaurant hosting guided TX Whiskey tasting with authors of “Shots of Knowledge” science team on Wednesday, August 16

If you’re the kind who ponders your place in the universe, the nature of stardust and what kind of magic goes into converting barley and water into fine whiskey, then you’re not going to want to miss the whiskey tasting and science adventure at Fort Worth’s Reata restaurant this Wednesday, August 16, 5:30-7:30 pm..

Calling themselves the “Shots of Knowledge” science team, Rob Arnold (Head Distiller, Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.), Dr. Eric Simanek (Professor of Chemistry, TCU), and Dr. Mags Rittby (Professor of Physics, TCU) are will lead a guided whiskey tasting that romps across a 13.8 billion year journey — from the Big Bang and the creation of stars to grain fields to distilling to aging — in a $55++ per person master class and tasting.

Reata’s appetizers and the TX whiskeys are included in the price.

Want to dig deeper? The speakers will be selling and signing copies of their book “Shots of Knowledge: The Science of Whiskey” ($35) Space is limited and reservations are required.

To make reservations, ping Reata at (817) 502-8850.