1PD: Nantucket Bay Scallops with Brussels Sprouts Leaves, Kumquat Preserves from Nosh Plano

The best scallops I’ve had in quite some time come from the shiny, new kitchen of Nosh, in Plano, where chef Jon Stevens coaxes every bit of nuanced sweetness and briny flavor from tiny Nantucket Bay scallops, adding a few twists to what could have been another boring scallop dish.

His tricks? A caramelized sear on the scallops, a quick spike of minerality from a scattering of Brussels sprouts leaves, and a big wallop of tart sweetness from kumquat preserves. This lunchtime blackboard special might not be there long, but it’s more proof that Stevens is one of the brightest stars in the Dallas area dining scene.

Nantucket Bay scallops with Brussels sprouts leaves

Nosh Euro Bistro, Plano

4701 W. Park Blvd