Sommelier DLynn Proctor Stars in Film About Sommeliers

Wow, sommelier DLynn Proctor, who I last told you about here, has scored…again.

This time, the dapper sommelier is hitting the big screen, profiled in the new motion picture Somm, which follows four sommeliers climbing the ladder to theri professional pinnacle — earning their master sommelier certification. (DLynn tests for his master certification again this July.)

Two years and six countries of filming. Somm is the story of four sommeliers attempting to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world.  The exam covers literally anything having to do with the entire world of wine and that is just the beginning.  Access to the Court Of Master Sommeliers has always been strictly regulated and cameras have never been allowed anywhere near the exam…. Until now.  How much do you know about wine?

Here’s the trailer.
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