Restaurant Critic’s Diet: Off-Site Kitchen, Dallas

$6 green chile and bacon melt on village bakery bread

Double Delux burger with bacon, secret sauce ($6.50)

$6 48-hour cracked pepper brisket/onions/ l&t /swiss/tomato cherry pepper mayo/ village bakery roll

fresher than a Ho-Ho?

non-dairy dairy.

, nick is a real person who really works (hint: he’s the one wearing the brown shirt) 


Didn't John Mellencamp sing about this place. Or was it Bruce?

flavor hooks

OSK will be a good place to raid when the Rapture comes

lots of sauce. If you don't like the way the kitchen seasons your food, you can fix it

tight quarters make for new friends, right? Grab and go.

Chef Nick Badovinus’ newest, most bad-ass flavor hook, er, restaurant, Off-Site Kitchen,  has opened in the most unlikely of places: Irving Boulevard at Wylciff Road, just west of downtown in a sketchy, industrial parcel more likely to attract lumberjacks and long-haulers than white collar workers and cubicle farmers. You should put it on your short list.

OSK’s green chile and bacon melt may be the best burger ever squeezed between two perfectly toasted slices of fresh bread. It’s build Ford tough, with a juicy Angus beef patty, griddled onions, lettuce, tomato, swiss and a squeeze of mayo. I like to amp it up to eleven by subbing a toasted bun for the sliced sourdough (both come from Dallas’ best bakery, Village Baking Company, a block away from OSK). I also double down on the beef, a terrific, juicy and flavorful custom grind of Angus chuck and shoulder. Those upgrades raise the kitty a buck, from $5.95 to $6.95. A straight-up burger with no fuss runs just $3.25.

Double down on their $1.50 hand-cut, crispy, fluffy, pencil-thin fries, too.

OSK is open from 10:30 am til 3:30 pm until March 5, when the hours expand from 7 am to 7pm (ish).

 Off-Site Kitchen, 2226 Irving Blvd, Dallas, 214-741-2226