New York Times celebrates Boulevardier — the cocktail and the Dallas restaurant

<p itemprop=”articleBody” data-para-count=”497″ data-total-count=”2187″>Seems the New York Times has caught up with all things Boulevardier, including our own Boulevardier in the BAD area of Dallas. The story, published in the January 29th edition of the Times, celebrates the classic  Boulevardier cocktail  whiskey (usually bourbon), sweet vermouth and Campari) then adds this:

“(No) bar has gone as far in its devotion as the Dallas restaurant that calls itself, yes, Boulevardíer. “It’s very much named after the drink, and the meaning of the word, as in ‘man about town,’ ” said Eddie Eakin, the beverage manager. Scouting ideas for the restaurant, an owner, Brooks Anderson, ate and drank his way through New Orleans. On his return, Mr. Eakin said: “First thing I asked him was, ‘What was your favorite cocktail?’ He said the Boulevardier.”

Back in July, Town & Country Magazine named one of Eddie Eakin’s cocktails their signature sip. And we at Hatch HQ have been enamored with Boulevardier (the restaurant– and the cocktail) from the day we called the Dallas restaurant the best restaurant to open in 2012.