Chef Grant Morgan gone from Ranch at Las Colinas, replaced by Steven Kelley, who’s throwing an Alexander Valley wine dinner this Saturday to prove his chops

Chef Grant Morgan, formerly the exec chef at Bailey’s Prime Plus before moving the Ranch at Las Colinas, has moved up the FrontBurner ladder and into sister company Twin Peaks as their corporate chef. Replacing Morgan is Steven Kelley, who will be hosting a five-course wine dinner on Saturday, September 27, at  The Ranch at Las Colinas.  Alexander Valley wines.

The menu includes coffee rubbed rib-eye steaks, a Texas twist on cassoulet and a dark chocolate tart.

You’ll need a reservation (972-506-7262). Dinner starts at 7:30 pm. $125. Details here.

Here’s another stunner: Judd Fruia, who runs the Ranch, has been selling thousand-dollar wines at the F2T restaurant. Two weeks ago, Fruia says, he sold two $1,300+ bottles of Napa cult cabs (one was a Screaming Eagle) — at lunch. Even better: most wines on the list go half-price on Saturday nights.