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Chefs for Farmers “Night Market” celebrates street food, talented chefs

chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-22 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-21 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-20 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-14 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-5

chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-6 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-5 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-2

chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-9 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-8 chefs-for-farmers-night-market-2016-copyright-michael-hiller-3Chefs for Farmers introduced a Saturday night street food “Night Market” this year, bringing ramen, fried chicken, roasted pork gyros and lobster shooters to the Dallas Design District for a one-night dine-around event.

More than a dozen chef stations, many staffed by notable out-of-town chefs like Chris Morningstar (Terrine, LA) and Justin Brunson (Old Major, Denver), participated. Even a brief pop-up thunderstorm didn’t deter the sell-out crowd of 600 from enjoying the evening.

The CFF Main Event takes place today at Gilley’s Dallas, where 2400 people (including 83 chefs and 25 cocktail crafters) are expected to participate.

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