Texas Monthly threw the state’s biggest, baddest, best BBQ Festival last weekend in Austin

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texas-monthly-bbq-festival-2016-copyright-michael-hiller258The barbecue gods once again smiled broadly on Austin last Sunday, as Texas Monthly threw the state’s biggest BBQ party on the shores of Lady Bird Lake. The occasion? The 2016 Texas Monthly BBQ Festival, an annual lawn party that brings 2500 ‘cue lovers and 25 of the state’s top pitmasters to one big lawn party.

Dallas and Fort Worth were well-represented, with Lockhart Smokehouse, Pecan Lodge, Cousin’s and Hutchins Barbecue all smoking and serving.

No way could any sane person sample all of the purveyors at the one-price-gets-all event, but once again, Franklin and Hutchins were the two standouts for me.

If you couldn’t make it, here are a few tasty shots to give you a flavor of the event.